Are you receiving the message that the DLL file isn't found when you're starting the program or the game? Or the message contains these words: "Entry Point Not Found"?

We have the problem with the DLL files. The DLL library which we're seeing in the message there isn't in the system or maybe the DLL was corrupt.

Search DLL file by first letter

There are some reasons. Most often it is the actions of viruses, which can remove or infect the file. Also it can be a careless action of another program, which could remove the DLL during a work.

You can correct a situation very simply. Just use our site! There are thousands various DLL libraries on the site. Choose the necessary DLL file and download it free.

We regularly update the DLL files which we have and we regularly find and add new DLL libraries. The solution of your problem will be the best award for us!

The most popular DLL files

Name Version Size Description
d3dx9_43.dll 9.29.952.3111 874.51 Kb Direct3D 9 Extensions, Microsoft® DirectX for Windows®
d3dx9_42.dll 9.27.952.3001 831.78 Kb Direct3D 9 Extensions, Microsoft® DirectX for Windows®
msvcr110.dll 11.00.50214.1 452.96 Kb Microsoft® C Runtime Library, Microsoft® Visual Studio® 11 Beta
msvcr100.dll 10.00.40219.325 404.97 Kb Microsoft® C Runtime Library, Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010
xlive.dll 3.5.0092.0 8.37 Mb Games for Windows - LIVE DLL, Microsoft® Games for Windows® - LIVE
msvcr71.dll 7.10.6030.0 179.78 Kb Microsoft® C Runtime Library, Microsoft® Visual Studio .NET
xinput1_3.dll 9.18.944.0000 41.66 Kb Microsoft Common Controller API, Microsoft® DirectX for Windows®
dxgi.dll 6.1.7600.16385 220.06 Kb DirectX Graphics Infrastructure, Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
vorbisfile.dll 14.27 Kb VorbisFile Dynamic Link Library
d3dx9_31.dll 9.15.779.0000 1.06 Mb Microsoft DirectX 9, v. 9.15.779.0
d3dcompiler_43.dll 9.29.952.3111 906.05 Kb Direct3D HLSL Compiler, Microsoft® DirectX for Windows®
kernel32.dll 5.1.2600.2180 359.69 Kb Windows NT BASE API Client DLL, Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
physxloader.dll 34.20 Kb PhysXLoader Dynamic Link Library
d3d11.dll 7.0.6002.18107 202.95 Kb Direct3D 11 Runtime, Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
x3daudio1_7.dll 9.28 13.31 Kb 3D Audio Library, Microsoft® DirectX for Windows®
lame_enc.dll 3.98.2 188.40 Kb LAME MP3 encoding library